Do I need a permit?

Building Codes – The ToddPod is exempt from building codes because it is a modular structure attached to the ground surface.

Zoning Codes – We are not a permanent structure and the unit is less than 100 SQ. FT.

Plumbing Codes – Exempt from plumbing codes with our Shower Valve Trim Set.  This is classified as a rinse station.


Do I have to install the Shower Enclosure to an existing structure?

No you do not. The ToddPod units are free standing and secure to the ground surface only.


Can I install the enclosures myself?

Yes you can. We have an easy to use installation manual with pictures and step by step instructions to follow. We provide jigs for an easy install, the single model will take approximately 4 hours to install. *It is important to read the manual in its entirety for proper installation.

How do we Install plumbing to the shower enclosures with all four walls?

You and/or Your plumber can cut a four inch circular hole through the wall panel to accept the shower valve and a one inch circular hole for the shower arm. Or you can buy our Shower Valve Kit with a removable wall panel for ease in winterizing. Our shower valve trim set comes installed on the panel.


What happens if I live in a windy area?

As long as you follow our installation manual to the fullest you will never have a concern with winds unless there is a hurricane with 100+ mile per hour winds.


Will it withstand very hot & cold climates.

Yes. Our wall panels are the most durable on the market and the powder coating technology we use on our aluminum is AAMA 2604, which is guaranteed to never chip, fade or rust.

Made In The Usa

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